EVE – The Biofactory

EVE – The Biofactory – is a spin-off of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) that created a pioneering platform for the production and engineering of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) from a green, sustainable source: micro-algae. These EVs, which we have named algosomes, are produced through a scalable and GMP-compliant process, with the aim to develop new configurable therapeutic and cosmetic formulations.



The production of EVs is nowadays challenging from both an economical and technological perspective. The disruptive manufacturing process proposed by EVE – The Biofactory overcomes the limitations of standard processes offering unique advantages:

Sustainability and controllability of the algosome manufacturing process

Production starts from microalgae, a renewable green source that reduces the environmental footprint of the production allowing also unprecedented scalability and increased stability.

Unparalleled safety and biodistribution for drug delivery

Algosomes are “nature-designed” vesicles, made by cells for cells.

High and versatile loading capacity

The extreme versatility of algosomes allows the loading of a wide range of molecules including small drugs, proteins and mRNA, thus widening the range of the potential therapeutic and cosmetic applications.


The road ahead

EVE’s mission is to bring to the market a new type of EVs called algosomes. These are produced from entirely photosynthetic (green) and renewable sources, providing companies with innovative products and enabling services for the development of revolutioning therapies and cosmetic formulations.

Goal #1

EVE – The Biofactory is currently working to develop an internal pipeline of algosome-based pharmaceutical products.

Goal #2

EVE – The Biofactory offers algosome production, customisation, engineering and testing services to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies for the co-development of new algosome-based drugs and cosmetic products.


EVE's scientific and technological background

EVE – The Biofactory  has established a patented production process of algosomes from naturally growing microalgae, with high and controllable productivity dependent on a selection of producer species and microenvironment factors. The variability of the input material is minimised, granting high batch-to-batch consistency, and repeatedly yielding vesicles with stable biophysical and biochemical properties. Algosomes have the additional appeal of being natural and societally acceptable as green and renewable bioproducts. EVE is a spin off of the H2020-FET Open project VES4US and EVE biotechnologies are further exploited in the context of the H2020-FETProactive project BOW.

VES4US is a project funded by the FET-Open Call of the Horizon2020 Programme of the European Commission which goal is to develop a radically new platform for the efficient production and functionalisation of EVs.


BOW is a project funded by the H2020-FET Proactive Call of the H2020 programme of the European Commission. The main objective of BOW is to create hybrid magnetic nanoparticles with a membrane surface made from an extracellular vesicle.


Behind EVE

Antonella Bongiovanni

CEO & founder

Mauro Manno

CSO & co-founder

Paolo De Stefanis

VP business development & co-founder
Natasa Zarovni

Natasa Zarovni

Francesca Petrucci

Francesca Petrucci

Paola Gargano

Paola Gargano



A multidisciplinary expertise

Our partners proudly share their expertise and experience in research and business to help EVE change the EV world.
CNR logo

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

CNR is the largest public research institution in Italy, the only one under the Research Ministry performing multidisciplinary activities.
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Atlantic Technological University

ATU is an irish multi-campus technological university that combines academic and research excellence

Day One

D1 is an Innovation Studio that teams up with researchers to transform disruptive technologies into game changing solutions.



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